Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Little Krishna Takes Retold by S. Pota

A Collection of three books : (1) The Magic Mountain (2)The Snake Fight (3) The Butter Thief.
The Snake Fight was what started it all. The story of Krishna and the snake Kalia. She just loved this one. She would say "I am not scared I am brave. Said Krishna and fought bravely." in the cutest possible way. But now whenever she says or seems afraid of something, we always tell "You are not scared, you are brave like Krishna".
Magic Mountain is the story of Krishna lifting the Govardhan mountain. Since she heard the word Govardhana in the songs she learns in her carnatic music class, she really enjoys this one too.
The Butter Thief is the least interesting in its presentation and one we read only occassionally.

The Little Ganesha Tales Retold by S. Pota

This is a set of three books: (1)The Race (2) Ganesha and The Moon (3) The Elephant Head.
Neat illustrations and very minimal writing. This is a good introduction to Ganesha and the various stories associated with this Hindu God.
A. liked Ganesh and The Moon immedietely and we read it over and over again. She knows it completely by heart now. The Race is her next favorite.

Dora's Storytime Collection

A collection of seven stories. Every one a unique adventure. This book introduces a number of Spanish words. Excellent stories.

Dora's Nursery Rhyme Adventure

Dora is baby sitting her baby brother and sister. As they are reading Jack and Jill, they notice that a storm has blown Jack and Jill away from their hill. They jump into the book to help Jack and Jill get back to the help. Neat presentation of some popular rhymes including Old King Cole, Humpty Dumpty and Jack be nimble and of course Jack and Jill. Dora became a favorite of A.'s a long time ago! So, pretty much any Dora book is a hit in our house.
This book introduces a number of Spanish words. After reading this book, A. started using a few Spanish phrases like Ayudenme porfavor (help me please).

Green Eggs And Ham by Dr. Seuss

Another book that I read as child myself. Apparently Dr. Seuss wrote this book as part of a bet that he could not write a book using only fifty words.
A fabulous book. It is also available in Spanish. A. has read them in both languages! Enjoys them in both languages!

Brother Bear by Disney

This is the story of three brothers. The youngest brother Kenai is given a bear of love totem-the symbol of the animal he must follow to become a man. Kenai hates the bear. This is a story of his adventure to manhood with the help of his big brother Sitka and a little bear cub called Koda. Lovely pictures like most disney books. A complex story but A. enjoys it anyway and asks to read it at least once a day.

Three Billy-Goats Gruff illustrated by E. Appleby

This is Norwegian folk tale. Three billy-goats all named Gruff decide to go to the mountain to get fat. On the way they have to cross a bridge. Under the bridge lived a Big Ugly Troll. This is the story of how the three billy-goats get across the bridge and past the troll. This is a real favorite. A very simple story with lovely illustrations.

Noddy's Biggest Story Book Ever by Enid Blyton

Another great collection of Noddy Stories. Among them is one called Bounce Alert in Toy Town. A number of big balls and one small blue ball come bouncing through toy town. Noddy is excited to see them but everyone else runs and hides. What happens when the naughty goblins play a mean trick on the balls? A. loves this story and when she first heard it she would get excited just hearing Bounce Alert.

Noddy's Special Treat and Other Stories by Enid Blyton

A collection of four stories each delightful and entertaining in their own way. A biggish book but A. loved it. At this point (being a little over two) she is more and more tolerant of lots of writing and fewer pictures.

Noddy And The Broken Bicycle by Enid Blyton

Having grown up reading Noddy, I was especially delighted to find that A. liked them too. This one is about Noddy helping Big Ears get a new bicycle after his old one breaks when he crashes into Jumbo the toy elephant. For a long time, this book was in the diaper bag and went with us on many a plane ride.

Bunny's Noisy Book by M.W Brown

By the author of Goodnight Moon, A. took an instant liking to this book. One a bright morning, a bunny wakes up to all the sounds in the meadow -- birds chirping, bees buzzing, rooster crowing and so on. Takes you through the day and to the night. A. made up her own actions to this book.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Wild Animals From Alligator to Zebra by A.Singar

A great introduction to various wild animals from the anteater to the zebra. Realistic illustrations. This goes well with a similar book about Baby Animals.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Mister Seahorse by E. Carle

It is the male seahorse that gives birth to its young. This is the story of a seahorse who meets other male fishes who are also the primary care givers of their young.
I knew about the seahorse but this book taught me a lot about the other fishes. A. learnt to say "Hello Mr Tulapia" from this. One day while we were driving to get some lunch, we hear A. say "Hello Mr. Chana Batura how are you?"

Fly Little Bird by T.Burke

This is the story of a little girl who finds a baby parrot on the ground and takes it home and cares for it until it can learn to fly. Almost no words and beautiful pictures.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Arthur Goes To Camp by M. Brown

This is one of those books that A. picked out in the library. It has a lot of writing and I am not sure what it was that drew her to it. I have read it to her several times and although I am not sure how much she understands (I think its too much for a not quite two year old), she seems to enjoy it thoroughly. Neat story about Arthur going to a camp and feeling homesick. Rivalary between camps and within the camp. Fun.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

D.W. All Wet by M. Brown

I am not sure exactly when Arthur and D.W became a part of our lives. Arthur and his family decide to go to the beach. D.W is complaining throughout about how she does not like the beach and she does not like to get wet. Arthur tricks her into getting into the water. Now, D.W wants to know if she can come back tomorrow. A. loved saying "May we come back tomorrow." with an adorable accent.

My World by M.W. Brown

The perfect companion book to Goodnight Moon. Similar pictures and rhymes. A. took one look at it and started saying "Goodnight Moon". I guess it just reminded her of it. Another soothing book that can be read at any time.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Maisy's Favorite Toys by L.Cousins

A little book that A. can hold in her hands and look at. Also a good book to carry in the diaper bag. Full of pictures of common toys. Maisy is a favorite so this book was appreciated.

1 2 3 By Elmo

Who doesn't love Elmo? Count to ten with Elmo. Simple but colorful pictures.

Shapes by Loveable Learning Inc

A soft cover board book with pictures of common shapes from circles in the form of bubbles to ovals. Good introduction to common shapes.

Belly Button Book! by S. Boyton

A. loves belly buttons and she calls them "Beydha" so this book was amazing for her. A little hippo calls the belly button "Bee Bo".

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Fun On The Farm

This is a cloth book and so perfect for the infant. It has pull out fun and introduces the little one to various farm animals.